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Progress With Smart Valves Will Lead to 10 Percent Higher

The basis is the increased anticipated revenues from the sales of smart valves. This is the latest forecast in Industrial Valves

  The biggest growth will occur in Asia (including the Middle East and two of the BRIC countries (China and India). The oil and gas sector is leading the way toward smart valves. For sub-sea oil and gas, the use of intelligent control systems for valve trees is becoming a defining factor of intelligent well development. All electric subsea production control systems are replacing industry standard electro-hydraulic control systems, with the aim of making them more reliable, more responsive and more cost effective.

  The valve forecasts are defined to match the individual valve supplier revenues, so they include smart valve technology where it is sold by the valve supplier but not by an independent automation supplier.

  Another goal is to develop valves that consume less power to create systems that can be deployed in applications where conventional valves cannot be used due to the lack of power.

  One manufacturer leading the way in smart valve development is Emerson Process Management. The range of high-performance Fisher digital valves enabled the implementation of customized valve designs to cope with the pressure, flow capacity and temperature demands of the world s first twin-mega-train LNG plant.

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