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Metal Seated Ball Valve Testing Facility for Abrasive Fluids

     VC Valves is strongly committed to invest in modern technology and in R&D activity of metals seated ball valves for critical services and design conditions due to temperature, abrasion, erosion, corrosion, etc. in the chemical, petrochemical and power generation industries.

  Due to the innumerable range of fluids and working conditions we have been carrying out intensive research on different types of surface hardening of the base material of ball, seat and even the body surfaces in permanent contact with the fluid, participating in research projects

  As a result of this research activity, we have developed our own technology and built a new state of art testing facility well ahead of other projects for establishing international testing standards for valves to be installed for abrasive service conditions.

  The goal of this testing facility is to check the effective life of the metal-seated ball valves in order to guarantee cycling without leakage in severe working conditions (high temperature, pressure and abrasion) with all kind of fluids.

  The testing facility is fully automated, controlled with its own software, which can control and obtain data on the following parameters:

  - Working pressure

  - Working temperature

  - Percentage of solids in the fluid

  - Operating speed of the valve

  - Operating cycles

  - Frequency of the cycles

  - Control and/or measure the leakage in each operation

  - Evolution of the torque figures during opening and closing of valve.

  With this testing facility we are able to obtain the parameters required to be able to recommend the most reliable and economical design and hardening to all the end users of metal-seated ball valves.

  At VC we are always committed to deliver the best to all our valued clients worldwide.

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